Tuesday, May 02, 2006

To Hell With Convention!

Why bother visiting my blog the old-fashioned way when you can instead just type "Opera Winfrey's Minge" into google and get the same results? I truly don't have a convincing answer for you all.


I tell ya, this is the best thing since typing
"Chewing" + "Penis" into google. Err, I mean, the best thing since buttered bread. Yeah.


bufflo said...

Yeah, you just need to add more power words and you'll have 10,000 hits/day in no time. Here, let me help you: Cock, shit, balls!

That new handicap word verification feature is great!

Chad said...

I got caught on that "chewing+penis" thing.

...I mean... What?!

Gigi said...

Chad- That was another search term that led to my blog.

Usually I get people searching for cheap fake grillz, but now they're looking for chewable penises and Oprah's minge. Oy vay.

Bufflo- You're an original marketing genius. I don't know what the handicapped thing is but I've noticed that the word verification thing is a bit more legible now...

badmammajamma said...

Chewing penises is awesome!!!! My husband loves it when I do that.

P.S. What the hell is that little handicap insignia for anyway? I clicked on it and it locked my computer up. Those damn handicapped people. They ruin it for everybody.

bufflo said...

Haha, they sure do! Old people too. When you click the guy in the wheelchair it plays an audio snippet, but with digits instead of letters, and you can enter them. It's a strange recording, kind of spooky.

A Concerned Fan said...

We've debated the merits of chewing + penis vs. Sam Waterston nude. I now submit keshia knight pulliam + nude as the random Chosen search term of the day. That's right, somebody wants to see Rudy from the Cosby Show naked. (shivers)

Oh...and typing in "chewing sam waterston's penis" in google (in quotes!!!!) will actually bring up a site. I shit you not.