Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Jesus Stamp Envelope is In!

A while ago I revealed a few of my mom's quirks and oddities. One of them is the fact that she sends letters with Jesus stamps and stickers affixed to them.

A refresher just in case:

"She usually decorates her packages and envelopes with various sparkles, colors and stickers. My favorite design is the one that bares a Jesus sticker right next to the postage stamp. She circles the Jesus sticker and places an arrow at the postage stamp with a message reading, "This is the real stamp! This is the only stamp that matters!" Or something to that extent. I'll have to scan one of those when I get home later. It's pretty important material that you shouldn't be deprived of."

Now you have living proof of what can only be described as an "other-worldly" (Heaven?) phenomenon. While this one doesn't have the aforementioned tagline, at least I came through with the goods. If only you could see the little gem that lied within the envelope... I just couldn't do that to her though. I mean, not everyone needs to know about the letter she wrote to God asking him to decrease her appetite so she could lose weight. Now, if only I could market that, it would be the Born Again Diet Supplement Christian's everywhere have been waiting for.

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