Monday, May 22, 2006

For Emergency Use Only

I just went into the bathroom at work and upon washing my hands, I noticed a razor blade/box cutter device sitting by the sink. I couldn't help but think that someone had put that there in case one of our colleagues wanted to, say, use it to permanently escape the place. Walking back into my office, I saw the "In case of emergency" fire alarm pull-box. Now—I thought—if only I could steal that sign and place it in the bathroom next to the razor blade? Not that I want to give people any irrational ideas, but wouldn't that be a hoot?

Yes, I said a "hoot"


Paulina said...


Or an emergency exit sign by the mirror (as in to tell the bitch she is so ugly she needs to get out of her skin.)

Realistically, I think someone in your office must have been desperately hairy in places unknown. Ew.

team gingerbread said...

ditto on the lol

It could also result in HR decidding to have an 'informal' (read: mandatory) meeting on office morale and how to identify depression

badmammajamma said...

Do you have any emo people that work in your office? I hear emo people are really into cutting themselves. I once saw an avatar that was just a picture of a grassy lawn and it said "I wish I was emo and then I'd cut myself". Instead of using the word "hoot", you could have said something else old people say, like "a gas". Another of my favorite things old people say, "That Gigi. She's a card!"