Saturday, May 13, 2006

Last Night in My Dream... roommate said that he reads my blog. At this, I turned, looked at him and said:

"Well then, now you know that I know you steal my food."

My dream then drifted to me getting married, instantly wanting a divorce and then making blood mary mix that settled into water unless shaken profusely.

Good times.

***************And, in breaking news*************

I've announced to my roommate (who Cesar and I fittingly call "El Diablo") that I am moving out June 15th. Now who's strappin' on her balls and being the man in this relationship? Or, as Kate from Logged Hours might say, "Now, who's the alpha male up in here?"


bufflo said...

Hmmm. I think dreams are like time travel, so you could be in for some changes. Time for you to go back to the future (stay in bed today).

Kate said...

Wow, I got quoted!

Keep checking the blog, Gigi. I'm so returning the favor in the next few days.