Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Support for My Theory

Not that I'm pressing this point for any particular reason other than, "Asian Women talkin' too much trash" is becoming too much of a prevalent trend to be ignored, I've found more support for my theory-cum-religion (I always tell D that we should start a business together. My suggestion is always that we should start a church or a whole new religion all together. I mean, think of all the money we'd rake in. He hasn't exactly jumped on the opportunity, but I'm patient. There is tons to be made in gold, copper and ... false faiths).

That having been said, I think somewhere in the Bible's Book of Revelations there is a line that reads:

"Things will fall from the sky, monumental disaster will plague the land, disease and famine shall prevail, and Asian women will talk a whole lot of trash to one another while they're doing your nails."

And so it has come to pass. The most recent "sign of the apocolypse" occurred yesterday. All the gory details can be found on Logged Hours. However, I've sifted through the minutiae to provide you the core of the story. Here's the bulk of the horror:

"She [Emily, the Korean Manicurist] pursed her lips and pointed to the chair, and barked,"You sit!"Emily didn't really say much during my pedicure, preferring to indicate what she wanted me to do by slapping my leg. When she wanted me to put my foot in the tub, she would slap my shin. Foot out? A slap on the back of my calf. In fact, the only words she spoke were at the end of the pedicure when she was moisturizing my legs. She was rubbing my leg with lotion, when she stops and turns to her friend and says something in Korean. "Is something wrong?" I asked her. "Oh, no. Nothing. Nothing wrong," she replies, and then said something else in an aside to her friend and started laughing. Immediately I began to feel self conscious. Were my legs spiky?"

And, while some might consider this a mere coincidence, the fact that Kate (from Logged Hours) felt the need to depict the Asian manicurist as a devil is, well, a bit telling of the situation we are facing:

Yep, I stole it straight from her site...
Well done, Kate! (Please don't sue me...Thanks!)

So, yeah. Just wanted to let you know that I'm not just another prophetic loon who is receiving cosmic messages from the Heavens. This is real, folks! Many have seen the signs. Perhaps they will go into the family business with me if D won't? Just think about it, k?

>>The entry that started it all was posted on March 13, 2006 and can be found here.


Kate said...

Thank you for validating my experience! She was so, so evil. Not only that, but my pedicure has ALREADY chipped. So now I have to find a matching shade of polish at CVS. Bitch.

Gigi said...

And thank you for supporting my theory!

I'm serious when I say we should go into business together and open a church.

Our paychecks would be a result of our 10% commission, I mean, "tithing." Wink, wink.