Monday, May 15, 2006

Craigslist Posting, Revised

To see the glorious Craigslist posting I put up for my room on Saturday after having broke the news to El Diablo, go here.

Please note, the ugly room pictured is his, not mine. Trust me, my taste in decor is more exquisite and refined than the maritime colors and plaque collection he has chosen. Tee hee.

You might also note that I stretched the truth just a little bit.

First off, I called him a "professional." If this means he gets up every morning, puts on a suit and ventures off to a place of business, well then, it's not a lie. If this, however, in any way signifies that he's bringin' home the bacon, well then, ummm, no.

"Laid back." Okay, so the term was used loosely. And by "loosely," I mean that if there is a watermark on the glass table or a phone charger in the kitchen, you better sleep with one eye open. No joke.

Pictures. Maybe it would've been more satisfying (yet a hinderance to my ultimate goal) to instead include the following pictures:

Because everyone should have a proper shrine to themselves.

Oh, I'm sorry. Couldn't read it? Here's a close up.
Yep, that's what I was thinking too.

I should also reiterate that the room comes unfurnished, i.e. You won't get stuck with the following items upon moving in:

Upon entering the door to his room...
Don't feel bad. I don't get it either.

Words will do my feelings no justice...
If I had to define it somehow, however, I would say something alluding to how
Christ-like his actions are. So caring. So comforting. So soothing...

Refer to above caption

And the clencher? This beauty:

"Because all the hoes end up like this on my bed, bra."

Good thing my judgment got the best of me. If I would have posted these, I wouldn't have been so lucky as to show the place to the 3 poor, unknowing saps I met yesterday. I feel bad doing this to them, but better them than me, you know?


badmammajamma said...

Who the hell is that in that nudie pic? Son of a bitch!!!! Your roommate is such a fucking lame ass!!!

bufflo said...

Wait, so you had to post the ad? I don't get it. Shit. I'd just be like, "I'm outta here bitches!: