Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Kosher Food"

This is what my sister says her new roommate smells like.

"Cheese Distribution"

This, in opposition to "Cheesemaking," is what my sister's new roommate actually does for a living.

"False Advertising"

...Is my final conclusion.

Poor girl got duped.


badmammajamma said...

Well, that's totally lame. I guess this means our illustrious cheese business won't be taking off?

bufflo said...

HAHA! But wasn't D going to be making the cheese anyway?

bufflo said...

One of my goals in life is to eat 100% Kosher. And I'm not just talking about making love to a Jewish girlfriend.

Gigi said...

BMG - There are always pitfalls when starting a new business. This is but a minor one. My other sister happens to be in France with a cheesemaker slash salami maker right now. I should have thought of him from the start! I mean, salami can be a whole other division of our enterprise!

badmammajamma said...

Well, you'll have to look to some other bovine for your mild yet salty cheese. As it turns out, I'm not pregnant so no milk from this cow!!! Hey, that's weird. You accidentally called me BMG instead of BMJ. Funnily enough, BMG were my initials before I got married. Are you stalking me??

bufflo said...

BMJ - I doubt it. I think she was just drunk. As usual.