Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm back and boy have things changed.

My landlord will wish she'd rigged her t.p. holder like this once I'm finished with her.

Hi all. Hopefully you've still got me on your blog readers because for a couple months now I've been really craving my blog.

Oh how I've missed puking my emotions all over the page for all to read. I love having a free forum to do nothing but vent and talk about myself. I just realized that the last time I wrote a real post here was in December of 2007, and I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. Cliché, I know, but a lot has changed. Where to start?

I think I mentioned I was starting a company. Yep, I've escaped the grips of my old boss and gone off on my own (well, with a partner). We started a pretty cool marketing firm and, knock on wood, it's doing pretty damn well. In fact, we're already upgrading our office space...partly because we need more space (there are five of us now), but mostly because our landlord is an insufferable bitch. (I just can't seem to get away from control freak women.) Anyhow, I've already started stealing toilet paper and paper towels from my current space to counteract the deposit I know they're going to steal from us. Tomorrow I'm taking the toilet bowl freshener and a sponge. So, take that.

My partner and I decided our new office needs to be gorgeous, and even more, it needs to have a "look." So we bought a white laquer bar, bar stools, a new couch, and some other really cool furniture. My favorite part, though, is our new wallpaper. Check out how well it compliments our new couch. Stunning, eh?

In other news, Dave and I finally split up. I didn't want to move there. He didn't want to move here. And then I met someone new. I've been with my new beau for almost a year now and life is fantastic. Dave and I still keep in touch and have a great deal of respect for each other, but that's about the extent of it. And yes, he's still in Chicago.

So, I think the defining moments responsible for my return to this lovely blog were a vacation in the south of France and an incident writing my blog at work. I don't know what it was about France--maybe just the fact that I was actually relaxing for the first time in a year--but I really felt the need to start updating again. Then, about a month ago as I was updating our work blog, I felt the compulsion to write about this blog and why it is so much more fun to write here. I know, I know; I'm trying to turn this into some type of romantic story when, really, it's just not that deep.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a clip from that blog post, which I credit with reuniting me with my loyal-as-a-dog blog. I have so much more to report but this is getting long. Stay tuned for updates on my mom's new boyfriend and psycho neighbor, the 10 reasons why I love the new Swiffer commercials, and my new obsession with Keith Olbermann. Until then, here's my shout-out to this blog from my other blog in a post about why I'd rather be here than there. Wow, so confusing. Anyway, more to come. I promise this time...

Despite our better wishes, writing about PR & Marketing isn’t half as interesting as talking about ourselves on our personal blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I could talk about my job all day and often I do. But when it comes to blogging, I’d rather talk about other things. For instance, of late I’ve been reminiscing about the days of yore when I used to talk about myself incessantly on my personal blog. Since I wrote anonymously, I could say anything I wanted to. People who know me know that there’s no filter between my mouth/brain, so this was quite a fantastic forum for me. I was completely candid and, by golly, people read what I wrote because they could relate to my experiences. Also, because I put it all out there, I had a loyal following that clung onto my every word. Boy, did I feel popular and wanted. No wonder I updated daily…instant gratification!

There are restrictions to writing on a corporate blog—even if your company is as cool as ours. If there weren’t, we’d probably write a whole lot more.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve had several instances of “Oh, I should blog about that,” followed by, “Oh, I don’t keep a personal blog anymore.” These were very important topics, too. You know, like the lack of good dirty martinis in Manhattan, my upcoming vacation, how well my mom’s doing at the farmer’s market, the new restaurants I’ve discovered, the odd stench that occasionally plagues the Franklin Street stop, the fact that The Today Show put “drys up” instead of “dries up” on their weather graphic this morning, and why I think that the British show Extras is the best thing since buttered bread.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Can't Stand Sarah Palin

In case anyone's still reading this and wondering what I'm thinking about Sarah Palin: she's a joke.