Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just My Stinkin' Luck!

So, about a month ago my friend Cak came over to discuss starting a marketing strategy and PR business with me. My feelings were mixed about the opportunity for many reasons. The most relevant of which were:

  • I'm not a huge fan of PR work (Yes, yes - irony)
  • I already spent two years working on a business that didn't end well
Now that I have a steady job, she wants to embark upon another start-up? To make a long story short, I said I could possibly help part time, which really meant that I wasn't interested in making a sacrifice... Call me when you get an account.

Fast forward to last week:

Hi Everyone!

Well....just wanted to send everyone an update on my business! All is going extremely well! I just nailed down 2 new clients as of last night (one including a new project that Donald Trump is working on and also the The Setai Hotel for South Beach Miami, (new development in Las Vegas) and (new development in NYC -- they are a leading luxury hotel of the world.

And, I just wanted to share *and um* somewhat brag! HA HA HA! I had dinner with Donald Trump last night along with 5 other people at his country club in Westchester, NY. And, of course my flash acts up after the dinner...but you can clearly see the Donald himself! I will be seeing him again in Florida all next week as I will be traveling on his private jet (bragging again - lol) to Florida to discuss business and view his new ventures.....along with beginning procedures I am devising for the Setai Hotel. Very nice guy....not as harsh and cruel as he seems on TV...but as I begin to work with his organization I will be able to tell you more!

I am also still working very hard on the luxury projects in Arkansas (and will also begin some in San Antonio Texas as of 2007) and have also officially signed on Absolute Vodka. I think I may begin to pursue luxury real estate and hotel development more as the money in it is tremendous...more than fashion/retail combined. I will also begin to seek of CPG (consumer packaged goods) products as they have extensive Marketing Strategic Research divisions that always need outhouse sources to execute strategy. I am also toying with the idea of some oil companies in the U.S.

etc, etc, etc...

Even worse... Here's the shitty cellphone pic evidence:


So, like any shameless opportunist would, I emailed her right back and said I was ready to go when she needs me. Fortunately she does. I'll start on a [insert brand name here] Vodka account with her in the summer. And she informed me that she embellished the letter a bit, I mean, a lot in her email because she was trying to impress her disgusting ex-boyfriend. She doesn't exactly have Donald, but she did go to dinner with him and she flew out on his private jet today. I'd say that counts.

This conversatinon took place over dinner at Dos Caminos ($14 sapphire martinis - expensive, BUT real alcohol and a lot of it). During dinner she got a call from her current client - a guy who is paying her top dollar to handle marketing for a new condo development. He wanted us to come meet him at the Rangers game. He was meeting with a guy he's trying to get a cool $100 million investment from. So, we went and sat in his box. Of course he has a box... I mean, who doesn't?

Turns out that the guy Cak works for is a bit shy. So, he threw in a few more hundred a month so that when he needs her to come where he is and act as a buffer, she does it. Fortunately for her, he usually just needs her to meet him at some of NYC's hottest clubs, sports events and, evidently, Miami...

Next time something like this comes my way, can someone please remind me of that saying about opportunity knocking and the simultaneous opening of the door that should take place? Thanks, that would be great.

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badmammajamma said...

Hey, if that gal has signed on "Absolute Vodka", she should probably spell it right. And what a whore, for being so successful!!!!!!