Sunday, May 28, 2006

Possibly Naive, Definitely Impressed

Cesar's been talking non-stop about going to see X-Men III. I've been fearfully dodging the subject as there's nothing I'd least rather do. I despise sitting in movie theaters and I've decided that if I do go ahead and do so this summer, it's going to be the DaVinci Code ... That is, after I listen to the book on tape, so I can avoid reading the elementary school writing contained in the printed version. Long story short, I dodged the X-Men III subject many-a-time yesterday.

By coincidence, I saw a guy selling an X-Men III DVD yesterday on the street.

'But, how can it be?' I thought to myself as I walked to the gym. 'The movie just opened last night.'

I came home and told Cesar that I saw it and he was pissed that I didn't get it for him.

"But how can they have that already? It can't be real!"

Evidently these guys get "access" to these movies by sneaking a camcorder into the movie theater and recording the screen.

"Sometimes you see shadows of people gettting up and walking from the audience." Cesar enlightened me

Well, I'll be darned! Never heard of such a thing. You learn something new everyday and all that...

Fortunately, Cesar and I ran into another one of these DVD guys on the train at about 11:30 last night. One of the train regulars doubled as this DVD guy's most loyal customer. He confirmed to us and the 2 reluctant men sitting across from us that he'd been doing business with this DVD guy for a while now. "He's legit." We took a chance and bought the DVD for $5, rationalizing that if it was the real deal, we'd saved $15. If it was bunk, we only lost $5.

As it turns out, the DVD ended up working. There were shadows and audience applause, but all in all, I'd do it again. You know? Just in case you were wondering.


team gingerbread said...

I have a soft spot for bootlegs too. The lower the quality, the more enjoyable for me.

They always remind me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry gets into it and has to record Cry, Cry again

bufflo said...

HAHAH! You bought a so called "Cam" version. There's also "TS" (telesync) and "TC" (telecine) and then you're starting to get to the more acceptable levels of quality, like Screeners, which will have "Property of "studio"" here and there in the picture.

I would never ever watch a "Cam" version. The quality is just horrible. (Especially if there's a bunch of dumb people in the theater -- which there always is.) And I would certainly not buy one, since it's all available online. With high speed internet access and a bit of luck, you could download a better version than the one you bought in less than 2 hours.

For more information on the methods go here. To see what I'm talking about when I say free, go here. (You'll need additional info to succeed though. Don't do it kids.)

Yes you are naive. The world needs more people like you.

Ben said...

The Da Vinci code wasnt that great. I was thinking to myself most of the time "Man, I wish Chris's girlfriend wanted to watch X-men 3..."

A Concerned Fan said...

The best bootlegs are the comedies, when you hear the audience laughing and the camera shakes when the cameraperson starts laughing. You know, comedies like Showgirls.