Friday, March 31, 2006

Please sign my petition. Thanks.

I don't have much to report today, seeing as how last night consisted simply of D arriving and then dinner at Artisanal. So yummy. Carpaccio of Hamachi, Truffled Trout and Lamb with a dried caper rub or something like that.

I promise that next week will be a lot better than this week. Cesar laid it out flat for me: I'm slippin'. Sorry about that.

Details and apologies aside though, I have serious matters to deal with here:

I want to start an online petition for D to move here, seeing as how - oh - I can't live without him.

No big deal.

So, I'm going to need your help. Now that my comments are open, why don't you be a dear and travel down yonder to write a little note to D telling him that he should move here?

Here are the roadblocks:

-He owns a place in Chicago (very nice - for what he pays there, he could get a small, yet nice studio here. BUT, he could sublease it for a year or so then move back to it. Problem solved.)
-He hates NYC (minor detail)
-His dad is sick (This is the only one that makes me feel guilty asking him to move)
-All his friends are there

Here are the upsides:

-I'm here.

Shit, so maybe the scales are tipped a bit more toward Chicago. But, I just want a year. Oh yeah, and I don't want him to move in with me so comments regarding how shitty it is to move in together don't apply.

Thanks all. I'm sure this will be really effective, as are most petitions.

ha ha.


bufflo said...

You didn't mention what kind of job D's got in Chitown. Money-flow is somewhat important. But then again, love is all you need right? Also, with a sick/dying father of my own, I know where he's coming from in terms of wanting to stick it out there. But I'll sign your petition, I mean, better judgement will always give way to sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.

Gigi said...

Oh yeah, good thinking. He works from home, so that's not a factor.

Stevel Knievel said...

Think of the drama this could create! It'll be Regurgitated Real World! Where do I sign!

Morris said...

Maybe I dozzed off during the first part of your post, but why can't you move closer to him?

Gigi said...

Morris -

Because I can't leave my job.

Otherwise, I would have already moved.


badmammajamma said...

This sounds completely morbid and wrong, but here goes. Why not just wait till his dad dies, then ask him to move? He'll be extremely saddened and vulnerable, plus he won't have to worry about being there for the "dreaded event", so it'll be the perfect time for asking him to move there. Sick, I know, but eh.