Monday, April 03, 2006

Thank you for being a friend. Err, nevermind.

All I asked you do is sign my petition and you've failed. Miserably. At least I know who my real friends are now. Here are *three* people who wrote in, saying they didn't have blogger accounts. Hmmm? I didn't realize you had to. I'll have to check my settings. That's all for now, but I'll be back later today.


So, you have to sign up to be a "blogger" to sign your petition. I am way to busy to fill out all that crap (even though, I must be honest...I didn't even look at all in intaled:). So, cut and paste my comment/petition sign up:

Dear D,

She is fine. Move to NYC.

Love, Courtney

It's too bad you don't have any REALLY good points like you would if you were trying to convince him to move here to California. i.e. No snow. Chicago and NYC seem so similar. If he likes big annoying cities with too much would be a perfect match. Plus, round the clock ass...DUH? Is it even a question.


I'd love to sign your petition sweetheart but unfortunatly I don''t have a blogger account. I do 100% support your petition for D to move to New York He can go back to Chic for the weekends.... sorry have juyt had a few drinks so excuse the typos...




For your petition, I'm one hundred percent in support of Men making rash decisions for beautiful women that they care about! This is my official signature, on record, in support of your boyfriend moving to the strangest city I've ever lived in.

It's raining in Bahrain today. ...and odd and suprisingly nice event!

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