Friday, April 07, 2006

Remnants from this week:

I know. I knowI've been a complete and utter slacker this week. My posts sucked, my life was boring, my ego was tame ... What else? Oh yeah, I skipped a day. I deserve to be fired. Hmmm, this sounds vaguely similar to the email I'm about to write my boss, explaining why I didn't get a damn thing done this week. I really didn't. Something about this week was off (not to say I usually get anything done at work). So completely off. I'm sick of blaming all of my problems on PMS, but hell, better it than me. I'd rather make use of an innocent scapegoat (PMS) than taking blame for the obvious (sometimes I'm just an insecure, bitchy, pile of waste). So, sue me.

That said, here's what you missed:
[And as my dad would say: "I didn't miss it, I just didn't see it" implying that he could have indeed died happy without knowing any of it, this, or that]

-First off, I had a funny conversation with D today over IM. He's been talking about moving to Miami together, so I told him that I did a quick job search and there isn't too much out there for me. Then I had this brilliant idea that I could stay with my company and just work remotely. But, can I get everything that I need to accomplish done from home? Hmmm. We explored my day at work to answer just that:

Can I...
Check Gawker like a fiend? (check)
IM with friends? (check)
Put posts up on my blog? (check)
Check my tracking shamelessly, only to find that only about 30 ppl love me daily? (check)
Scheme with friends on how/when we're going to start a business to save us from our pathetic realities? (Check)

Given the above stats, I'd say that working by remote is indeed a possibility. Miami here I come!

-Chosen is a sick bastard. This is how he ended one of our emails yesterday:
"Side note...I think the concept of repeatedly neutering an already
neutered cat is very funny."

-Advertisers: Assuming that commentors are the same as advertisers, I'd like to thank the following parties for playin': Bufflo, Truth, Chad, Morris, Lucas (who was formerly Truth), and A Concerned Fan

-Good Blogs:
Now I don't usually sway attention from myself, nor do I usually find a blog that I genuinely like, but I have to give credit where credit is due. I happened upon two (two!) great blogs this week:

Logged Hours and I Hate You, New Guy Who Sits Next to Me

Both shall get a link, indeed.

-D's Desperate
Housewives Contribution: D rarely reads my blog, but evidently when he does, he's pretty bored by it. So, last night he said he had a great idea for an entry
—you know, something to spice it up a bit. Huh? He decided that it would be wonderful if I discussed the phenomenon of desperate housewives, in general. And, um, yeahwhat exactly does that have to do with me. Nothing? Well then, it has no home on this site, which is pretty much just about me. Not, of course, because I'm as impressed with myself as I come off to be, but because I want people to think I'm as impressed with myself as I come off to be. It makes them mad and hateful, and, for some reason, this makes them come back for more madness and hatefulness. Yes, all 30 of you, coming back for more! So, in a nutshellno Desperate Housewives thingy. Sorry, D.

-I like when I find posts about me on other people's blogs. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and stuff. Here's one I found today (By the way, mad props to Blue Toilet Duck for the shout out):

On the bastardly site i visit, this girl GiGi posts her past stories about being a whore, her words not mine BTW, to it, there is a link to her EVERYDAY blog. while not OVERLY interesting [moderator's note: Contrary to what it might seem, by "not OVERLY interesting," he really means "REALLY DAMN INTRIGUING" You knowFYI], its JUST interesting enough to keep coming back, plus her writing style is ACE...boy im using that word alot today, but i ive found myself every other dayor 3 checking out what is going in in GiGi's life, a total stranger who apparently lives in NYC, that, i will never meet.

its funny how that doesnt seem at all strange to me. but, it doesnt. anyways, blogs kinda remind me a tad of teh game "the sims" if you get too involved it would ake up ALL your time. reading many blogs, which, i dont do, would take up LOTS of ones time, and, leave them little time with which to fill there own blogs with interesting stuff for people to read. So, hence, i pick and choose.

but, GiGI's is quite entertaining, a girl ill never meet with the same kinda of world thinking ihave, she talks a few times about going to a nail salon, where the ladies speak chinese while they do nails, chatting back and forth to eachother, and, GiGi is convinced they are plotting against her.

now, when i tell people that when anyone speaking a different language comes into my store and talks to each other in a language they KNOW i dont get, its OBVIOUS they are saying something about you, cause, otherwise, 3 people in close proxemity, 2 speaking a different langugae, they ARE....why wouldnt they just speak ENGLISH?

and people cal me paranoid. LOL does that make GiGi paranoid as well? Perspective is yours.

Its nice to see that people ARE curious about what the other people in the world are doing and thinking.

anyways, if you all have a sec, check out GiGi's blog. its not quite as entretaining and Rant filled, and, YES hate filled as mine is, but, still, its quite a good read.

P.S. tell her i sent you, just for shits and giggles, since, well, she has no fucking clue who i am...LOL....

Alright, allas I mentioned before, I'm off to write my boss a similar plea for forgiveness. As D would have me say: "I've been a very naughty girl and I deserve to be spanked."


bufflo said...

I think the Desperate Housewives thingy was all about making you one! And you will be one if you move down to FL, and work from home.

Speaking of home. No, gigi, this is not my home. My home is in the back room of a classy deep house lounge, with an open bar and slutty Eurasian girls, next door to a 24-hour Indian all-you-can-eat buffet.

Chad said...

That was the longest and most supportive lame review that I've ever read!

...lot of effort put in there to plug, while at the same time turning up his/her nose. I'm fairly impressed.

Gigi said...

Bufflo: You sent my heart-a-flutter with your kind words.

Chad: I know, I couldn't tell if the guy hated me or loved me, but no publicity is bad publicity. I think.

Morris said...

If you get fired moving won't be an issue for you then!

Gigi said...

You've introduced a grand point, Morris. A grand point, indeed!

badmammajamma said...

Those blogs you linked to were funny as hell. On that one about hating the new guy that sits next to her, I laughed so hard at the post where she was talking about the guy asking if north comes before northern if you're filing and not being shameful enough after asking that question. Also, if you haven't read the post titled "I prefer 18 gauge, thanks" on the Logged Hours blog, please do so. I swear, I almost peed my pants. Well, I really did pee my pants, but it's our little secret. Sssshhhhhh.

bluetoiletduck said...

wow that BlueToiletDuck guy, he is AWESOME, he DOES need to update HIS blog more though, fucking slacker, and, i have the feeling im on the SAME wave length as he is...oh, wait....