Thursday, April 06, 2006

Two Unfortunate Names I Gave to My Childhood Dolls:

Cabbage Patch Kid: Cybil Heady

Teddy Bear: Forsythe

Karma would have it that I, too, be cursed with a weird name. For those of you who know my real name, you know that karma has again prevailed (although the chicken comes way before the egg in this story).

I don't know why I just remembered that, but I thought I'd share...


bufflo said...

What are you talking about? You have a cool, celebritious (?) name! There's the "a first name as a last name" (eg. George Michael; Rob Thomas), then there's the double initial (Marilyn Monroe; Marky Mark (eh...)). You should be happy and proud!

Morris said...

I think your name is cool also!

Everyone should be proud of their name. It is what makes them unique! Besides who cares what your name is as long as you can cook.

My initals are M.R. which is funny because I call myself "MR" Morris.

Gigi said...

You two are too kind.