Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chinese Women Talk a lot of Trash, Episode 4

So, Cesar (from here on out, "the skeeze") just got a job at a magazine.


One of the people with whom he interviewed was this girl - Chinese - that he would be replacing. She came off as a nice girl at first, but in the end, she fit the bill just like the rest of 'em. Regardless, the skeeze came home raving about her; saying that when the others left the room, she told him to ask for x-amount instead of the y-amount he was going to ask for (where x>y).

As it turns out, the skeeze ended up asking for x, but only got a little bit more than y, mainly because his bosses overheard their soon to be ex-employee informant spreading high salary propaganda and instilling greed into our skeeze. While her intentions might have been good (and very often Chinese women do have good intentions, they just manifest themselves as trash talk), the skeeze had absolutely no chance of getting the money he requested. Not a big deal. At least he got the job.

However, his new colleagues have since informed the skeeze of our Chinese woman's tendency to talk a bit too much trash. Hmmm, who woulda guessed?

Amongst what seemed one of many faults was the girl's inability to take instruction. She would often claim, "I don't have to take anybody's advice. I'm the only graphic designer here, so nobody else understands what I'm doing!" A pretty self-righteous statement for someone whose old templates contained innacurate dimensions, and whose files were what the skeeze deemed 'amateur.' On top of that, he compared her old layouts side-by-side with those of the junior web designer and, needless to say, the junior's had more merit than his art director counterpart. But still, not too big of a deal.

The skeeze saw another girl's name following his own on what was obviously an interview schedule. He asked his new colleague, "So, how did Gina interview?"

The colleague explained that when the Chinese girl found out that another girl was interviewing, she called her up and told her it was not a good place to work.

Did she know her? Nope. She just wanted to talk trash.

I'm tellin' ya, Chinese women simply have a compulsion toward trash-talkin'. At least in this situation, the skeeze got a job out of it.

'Chinese Women Talk a lot of Trash' is a continuous series. To catch up on your reading, venture here.


bufflo said...

"the skeeze ended up asking for y, but only got a little bit more than x" -- didn't you mean the other way around (if x>y)?

Gigi said...


You are too smart!

Changed it.


badmammajamma said...

OK, I must know. Who the hell is Cesar? I've seen him mentioned on several of your posts, but I'll be damned if I can figure out who it is. So, spill it. Please and thank you. Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you this. Remember when you posted part of my email in your thread that was titled, in part, Death to Gilmore Yeats? Yeah, you called me BIGmammajamma instead of BADmammajamma. I'll admit, I have a big ass, but damn Gigi. I thought I meant more to you than that. Tiny little tear.........seriously, I'm just telling you because I have a compulsion to correct misprints. Love your blog lately!

Gigi said...

Hi badmammajamma! Good to hear from you.

Cesar is the guy who I started numberII magazine with. If you read my very first post, you'll get more of an idea for who he is.

In a nutshell, we met while working at Chicago Magazine, started a magazine together in San Diego and now we're both busting our asses trying to make it in NYC.

I'll make a public correction for the mispelling right now, lover!

badmammajamma said...

You my girl, yo. I can't remember the last time I got gratification that quickly. Wait, it was last night with my husband. Moving on. My big ass thanks you for the correction!!!!