Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Making waves in Bahrain...

While I'm not exactly living up to Michael Jackson's legend in Bahrain, my NYC Bar Review did make news on a blog there. And maybe I should mention that it is my friend Chad's blog. And even moreover, that Chad is my friend because he found me while scouring the internet for blogs tagged "Bahrain."

It might seem odd that my blog is tagged with "Bahrain," but hell, everybody needs a gimmick. This is mine.

Here's my news clip, found at Those Are My Pants:

Because New York keeps up with the affairs of the World.

Check out GiGi's post on bars to avoid in NYC.
She details the top culprits, from real hand experience, that you should absolutely avoid when drunk or thinking of pursuing such past time. These particular establishments will charge you as much as a Russian hooker on a warm Bahraini night!
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By the way, thanks for all the comments guys. I'll be back several times (okay, at least once) today to tell you about Miami and D and the weekend.

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