Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Wrench in the System.

Something is definitely up.

Exhibit A. Take a gander at this curious note my roommate left on the counter yesterday:

In case you can't read it:

@ Carolyn's tonight b/c she's leaving tomorrow morning.
You around tom night? Drink? Dinner?
I will email or IM you tomorrow.
When you leaving for the West Coast?

There are 2 likely explanations and 1 completely unlikely explanation for this other-worldly phenomenon.


1). He knows that I plan to move out in July and is trying to charm me into staying so he won't have to deal with finding another roommate who he will also ultimately drive crazy.

2). This is the second weekend his girlfriend has been out of town and he is realizing that, "Hey! I have no friends!"


1). He realized what a benevolent human being I am, and what a miserable one he is. He would like to make an amends before the reckoning.

Which do you think it is? I'm thinkin' option 2 in the "likely" section. Either that or the apocalypse is upon us, my friends.


badmammajamma said...

I'll have to agree with you that it's #2. I also have to say that I hate your roommate for the simple fact that he wrote that note like he was text messaging. You should write him one back that says "sry, can't do it b/c i have frnds & ppl like me"

Gigi said...

You are hilarious. That was one of my initial thoughts as well. I mean really:


I'm going with no.

badmammajamma said...

I'm surprised he didn't sign it "ttfn" like the gay bastard he is.

bufflo said...

I think it's Unlikely #1. Not because he has realized what an asshole he is, but simply because he's oblivious to the fact. I've known many people like that.

Paulina said...

Attention please everyone!

This is a message from your beloved GiGi. Don't worry she is alive and kicking. She would like to extend her apologies to you all faithful readers because she has not been and will not be able to post until this weekend due to the inundation of mundane responsibilities in life. Her next post will be a bomb about a certain Mr. Trump. So keep coming back.

Lots of kisses from GiGi in San Diego.

bufflo said...

So Gigi is kicking it with Paulina in San Diego? That must be like Girls Gone Wild, with less beads and more alcohol.