Saturday, March 25, 2006

Carrie's Voodoo Box Regains its Umph.

I mentioned my friend Carrie's useless voodoo box a while back. She's had some problems with guys, confidence and money as of late. And, quite frankly, the box in which she has placed so much faith (not to mention, a lock of hair) has failed her like a religion for way too long. Well, evidently, it has stepped up to the plate and reclaimed its manhood, because this is the text message I got from her on Friday morning:

On my way 2 San Fran. 2 nights. 2 suitcases. 1 containing 5 pairs of high heels. Money 2 burn. Hold me back. Lady on the loose!

There's no moral to this story. This is just an update. Have fun, my bestfriend and sister!