Monday, March 20, 2006

New Reader Bio: #2 in a series of (hopefully) many

Contrary to popular belief, this is not your typical self-centered blog. No, no, no - I'm building a community here. It is a family-oriented, self-helping, positive energy-filled ... umm, cult.

The next person in contention to drink the punch will be:

Name: Thomas S. Westberg
Born: Year of the monkey
Sign: Libra
Hair: Thinning gracefully (yeah right)
Eyes: Bloodshot
City/State of Residence: Purgatory
Occupation: Burnout... no, Producer/Songwriter
Skills: Tracking people down, cooking
Vices: Alcohol, expensive things, gambling, reading
Collects: Pornography, animal hides (no relation between the two)

Remember to say hi to him when you trip over him, his 6 wives, and his 46 kids on your way to the communal bathroom at night. He's a congenial lad, for sure.

Stay tuned: Another episode of Chinese Women Talk a lot of Trash is coming soon to a neighborhood near you!