Monday, March 27, 2006

Chinese Women Talk a Lot of Trash: A Polite Rebuttal

Advance thanks to Paulina, who—since writing—has learned that exploiting stereotypes is fun for the whole family!

Actually, Paulina is the latest in my list of Pen pals, which brings me back to 4th grade when I wrote regularly to a girl in Senegal. Ah, those were the good ol' days.

As for having anything against Chinese people, I don't. I just think it's pretty damn funny to place blame on an entire culture for the actions of only a few. To be fair, I invite you to return the favor. If you have any unfair generalizations about Spanish, Puertorican, German Jews, bring 'em on!

On that note, I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed again this week... You know what that means, right? Another fun episode of Chinese Women Talk a Lot of Trash will be hitting your computer screen soon.

That's enough from me. I'll pass the mic to Paulina*:


I checked out your blog, which I enjoyed reading very much until I got to the posts "Chinese Women Talk A Lot of Trash". Now, I am Chinese myself and though not particularly patriotic, nor fussed about political correctness, I must say that it sounded like you were making quite an unfair sweeping generalization there. Then again, I don't live in New York so I wouldn't have the chance to verify whether or not your Chinese female population are the most enlightened bunch. Although I am quite determined to show you that not all Chinese women talk trash through this communication (I could not find a guestbook to sign on your site so excuse me for intrusively writing you an email as such)!

Hope you are not going to take this as an accusation because it really is not (well, perhaps you would think I am talking trash here, too). It will be nice to hear from you. Keep posting.

Best regards,

*Paulina's 'new reader bio' will be up shortly.