Friday, March 24, 2006

How I Know I'm a Geek...

It wasn't ever a question in my mind that I'm a geek, but these 4 incidents confirm the fact if ever I'm in doubt.

1) I get along with geeky people:

At last night's dinner meeting, I met a group of people who I usually only work with over email as they are based all over the country. Over email they are dry, dry, dry. But, over a cocktail bar they were quite different.

2) I enjoy geeky ideas:

I got lucky with my table selection. The guy and girl I was sitting next to indulged in the hosted bar probably even more than I did. The girl was a bit younger than me, but heads up her company's division, so it was great to hear her talking about the hot little numbers in the crowd. She kept on spotting wedding rings, which is a practice I don't yet partake in. But that's because I'm taken myself, so a guy's status doesn't affect me. We were all pretty surprised by the good looking turnout and we shared tidbits of gossip we knew about the others. Evidently we have some lushes, some cheaters, some geeks, some kiss asses, etc... The usual stats for a meeting. Since we're in publishing, it wasn't long until we had created a future gossip magazine about our organization. It's title will be:

Can I have some of your meat? You can have some of my fish.

Perhaps a bit long, but very appropriate. These were the lines passed between myself and one of my new colleagues.

3) I thought this was funny:

The above mentioned colleage is an Indian guy who recited what he considers his most promising pick-up line duet. It is usually performed with one of his white friends, but he improvised:

White guy: I am the sugar

Colleague: And, I am the spice

Colleague: I am the curry

White guy: And, I am the rice

Colleague: I am the naan
White guy: And, I am beyond... (Here, the speaker puts his hands out as if to symbolize endless possibilities).

I asked him if that really worked for him? He said it does, but I have my doubts.

4) My Sister Told Me So:*

"I have been so busy that I have not been able to read your dailyblog...until now - WHO THINKS YOU ARE UGLY??? What a fag. He is probably the ugliest person you have ever seen, thus the need to hide behind acomputer and make (lame, I might add) judgments about others. Although,this is kind of a tricky situation for you...your rebuttal must have been hard as everything we hate about him; rude, cyber friend junky, dork, funny but not...are all the things that make you great. LOL. He just needed some damn material. You know the feeling. If given the chance...he'd fuck. FORSURE. hahahahaha, anyway. That was not the best picture of you either."

*This is the last time Mr. Yeats will get play on my site. He got a lot of cyber-ass from me this week.