Monday, March 20, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion: Who? Me? Never.

I'm a simple woman with simple needs. It doesn't really take too much to please me. Just say nice things about me and I'm a happy camper. Hell, it saves me the time I would have wasted doing it myself.

A new reader (whose Bio I will post later in the day) mentions dear GiGi while pontificating upon a current fashion trend that he would prefer dead.

So, without further ado:

Sausage is what you get

[Click on the title above to visit his blog]

Since I'm obviously busy doing other things (being multi-talented is a pain in the ass I tell you), let me point you in the direction of another great(er) blog: tells it like it is. Hostess GiGi's got some mean writing chops, she can kick ass when needed, but also take it like the bitch she is.

In other news... I'm still waiting for the "boots on the outside"-phenomenon to die and go away. While it doesn't affect me directly, I wonder if these girl know that it requires 1. a great ass, 2. a suitable pair of jeans, and 3. a great ass, to pull it off without looking like a sausage.