Friday, March 17, 2006

"My New Line" gets a rave review. In Related News: I'm tired and drunk.

A fan with refined taste and a craving for the finer things in life, writes in regarding my new line.

Now, I know I'm being really lazy, and perhaps even a bit greedy, for just posting his letter instead of telling everybody about Jewtopia, the hysterical and stereotype-infested off-Broadway play that D and I went to see last night (Yes, I firmly embrace stereotypes as a source of humor). But, the letter is a good one and let's just say D and I over-indulged last night. I despise going out on school nights, but like I tell D, I have to be heavily drugged to put up with him, so, well, yeah... I'm pretty not sober right now.

On that note, here's the letter:


I don't know if you've seen Ray (the movie), but there's this scene where two of the chicks in the band trade pleasantries:

Ray Charles: From now on we're gonna sing a four part harmony. Ethel, I want you to sing alto. Margie, I want you to sing tenor. Pat, soprano, and Mary Ann, bass.

Mary Ann Fisher: I ain't no bass. I'm a soprano.

Margie Hendricks: I'll sing bass. Where we come from we can sing anything.

Mary Ann Fisher: We talking about singing, sugar, not hog calling.

Fathead Newman: Oh that's cold.

I don't know, I guess you actually have to be watching the movie, and maybe do some time in the ghetto (which I did), to fall off your chair laughing at the execution of that last line. Today's blog entry produced a similar reaction.

"Do you want me to strap on some balls and be the man in this relationship? Because I will."

Brilliant. Hilarious. And, fuck, that's cold.

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