Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Reader Bio (With Foreword): #3 in a Series

Before you get to meet Paulina—a non-trash talkin' Chinese woman*—I have to extend a little apology. You see, Cesar and D both think I'm getting a little boring lately; depending too much on other people's letters and correspondence for material. Cesar said, "G--you're really slipping lately," and D commented that, "Baby, I'll read anything you write. No matter how good or bad...or boring," both of which made me feel just a bit tingly inside. After all, I love when people think I'm lazy and boring.

Anyway, Cesar really thinks it would be a good idea for me to broach the subject of my ex dating a supermodel with seeing disabilities (that bastard has always had a knack for achieving the impossible. I hate him for this. He deserves no happiness in this world). Cesar also suggested that I write about the time I was interviewing for a publicist position with Time Warner Books and right after my would-be boss shared in on the fact that some of her author clients have demands such as Chilean Seabass for their dogs, I rolled my eyes and said, "Whatever—who the hell do they think they are?" But, that's about the gist of the story, so there ya go. Well, that, and the fact that I don't currently work for Time Warner Books, I guess. All of this is to say, I'll be back sometime today to bitch about the ex. And, maybe I'll add a dash of bitters to the roommate situation. That's that. This is Paulina. Make her feel at home.

"You are very welcome to post that picture I sent. Glad you like it (although you really don't have to be polite sugar pie). The totality of it is actually nude. Hehe"

Name: Paulina Lilian Chow
Born: Friday 26th April 1985
Sign: Taurus sun, Cancer moon, Libra rising
Occupation: Proprietor and principal beneficiary of Aid for Struggling Students / High Priestess for Catholic Appreciation of Tantric Living
Skills: Pouting and getting my way
Collects: Sexy lingerie, older men
Vices: Fantasizing about God then cheating on Him with my boyfriend and loving it

*A rare breed, indeed. But, not one that does not exist, evidently.