Friday, June 02, 2006

A Smashing Way to Start the Weekend?

When this is the picture that summarizes your weekend... Uh oh - you might not have a life.

I think it was Wednesday night that I realized that I had absolutely nothing going on this weekend.

'How can this be?' I thought to myself. 'Usually people are tearing down my door to hang out!' Seriously.

Perhaps mine are not the coolest friends in the world, but I can usually rely on them to hunt me down to kick it when I'm in town. But no... not this weekend. The weekend I am actually home and even motivated to go do something - no one is calling.

I went out with my friend Aaron on Wednesday night to grab a drink and I mentioned that I had absolutely no plans this weekend. Now, mind you, Aaron always wants to hang out on the weekends, but I'm usually too cool for school; pretending that I'm a jetsetter with people to see, places to bla, bla, bla... So, "surprised" doesn't describe my reaction to him simply nodding his head when I mentioned my weekend's sad, sad status. I assumed he didn't hear me since no jumping upon the bar and doing a celebratory dance took place. About an hour later I walked him to grab the bus and I thought to re-mention it in case he didn't understand the volume of what I had said earlier: "So, yeah, I've got NOTHING going on this weekend. You should give me a call." But, then he did it again - this nodding of the head thing sans celebratory dance. Huh?

As I left, I decided to get the urgent message out via text to my friend CAK who never has anything going on outside of freaking out about her boyfriend. She had been blowing my phone up with text messages earlier in the evening, so I figured I'd write her back with the news: "I'm doing nothing this weekend. Let's hang out!" I presented this fact to her on a golden platter. It has been 44 hours. Usually she responds in 44 seconds...if that.

I could see where my weekend was heading. My boss asked me what I was doing this weekend earlier in the afternoon. "I don't know," I mumbled, hoping she might think that this was because I was sifting through my many options (to tell you the truth, I don't really care what she thinks, but it did - pathetically enough - cross my mind). Fortunately, she didn't probe me for more information. Instead, she began telling me about the exotic new restaurant she went to last night, while I reminisced about my night: cooking dinner for my sick cousin and watching "The Office" marathon. Good show, by the way.

All of this brings me to today, when I received the above "pizza party" invitation for a guy in my office who is leaving. Sadly, it's the best invite I've had yet. Well, it was the best until I received this lovely invite:

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That's right, ladies and gentleman - I get a free doughnut!
From here my weekend has been improving steadily. I just returned from a meeting where I ended up in the same office as Iman:

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To tell ya the truth though, I didn't even recognize her. I just started talking to her without noting anything special about her. The picture above? Yes, that is special. Maybe even stunning. The lady in life? I'll give her a "pretty lady" award, at the very most.

When I got back to the office it occurred to me that my sister now lives in town and she got a job at a bar. Who better to know and hang out with on a Friday night? Especially since she's off! A night of drunknenness will be followed by the Atlantic Avenue Artwalk thing tomorrow and so forth. And now I'm looking down at my phone and my club promoter friend is inviting me out to his club for more free alcohol. Things are definitely looking up.

I assume that some of my friends will call - Aarron, CAK - but hell, I'll be way too busy for them...


bufflo said...

I'd like to see what you'll look like at 51. Or maybe not.

Gigi said...

Trust me darlin' - I don't even look as good as she does now.

That doesn't negate the fact that she looks better in pictures though...

Ben said...

Ya still look pretty good...hell, even the back of your head looks pretty good.


Paulina said...

Aww Honey it is okay not going out on a weekend - one should always be comfortable with oneself's company.

Most models look better in pictures anyway although Iman is doing stunningly for someone at fifty-one. Women of African descent tend to age well.

How come I can't put a photo next to my comment?!

bufflo said...

You'll need to create a blogger account Paulina.

A Concerned Fan said...

Iman...she's hot for a chick of indeterminate ethnicity. Figures that she's banging a man of indeterminate sexuality.