Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Oh, The Things You Learn...

Last night I joined some of the girls I work with for (way too many) drinks.

Here are some of the funnier things that were said after barriers had been properly demolished:

About Me:

"I think you come off as a total bitch... But, I can tell you that because I love you."

"It's completely superficial. You know, you're good looking and dress trendy. That's why everyone hates you."

About My Boss:

"I was in the car with her [the boss] once and she was talking about her crack and heroine addict friend. Then she threw it out there that her crack and heroine days are long gone.."

"I went to a party with her [the boss] and we were talking to a guy - one of her friends. When she went up to use the bathroom, he said 'Man, last time I saw her we were having sex on the pool table at some bar.'"

"She [the boss] was surprised to learn that I had only tried ecstacy. She told me that she used to do everything."

The definition of PR Work

"We get our clients a bunch of media ass."

About a Girl Who Wasn't There:

"Hello, ever heard of veneers?!"

In conclusion: I love catty bitches. After all, I am one.


After reading this, Bufflo IM'd me and the following was clarified:

bufflo (12:17:38 PM): you dress trendy?
gigi (12:17:42 PM): no
gigi (12:17:49 PM): not reallly
gigi (12:17:54 PM): i just have big boobs


Chad said...

Ahhhh, the power.

Some guy scratched my car as he was backing out with his side mirror. Was it because we didn't leave him enough room? Nooooo... He was staring at the chicks boobs in the passenger seat. Probably didn't even realize he was scraping against until the boobs moved to look behind her and see what the hell that noise was.

bufflo said...

Ah well. At least the guy had a good reason for scratching your car.