Monday, June 12, 2006

The Cat Has Left the Building ...

a.k.a. The Cat is out of the Proverbial Bag.

Either D and I were feeling a bit too ballsy or we had way too much to drink this Friday, because when one of his friends sent him a text message alerting him to my ex-boyfriend's brother's pending arrival, we decided to stay and brave the storm.

(Background: D was one of my ex-boyfriend's friends - but the ex and I broke up 4 years ago and he and D don't really speak. D and I have only been together for 6 months).

My ex's family is all or none - meaning that when one of them hates you, they all do. That said, I was surprised when the brother came up and kissed my hand. I turned to the bar and under my breath, said, "He has no clue who I am." He was drunk and I used to have blonde hair, so maybe it was justified. Either way, D ordered us shots, surprised that he hadn't been punched yet. The brother told D, "She looks familiar - How do I know her?" D told him who I was.

The shots were taken and then the brother, in an impressive display of 'pissed-offedness', smashed his glass on the bar. He then made a dash for the bathroom and stayed in their for way too long. I suggested that he was probably calling his brother. I was right.

When he walked out, I gave him a really innappropriate and self-righteous wave, which completely mocked his anger. I figured there was no way he could ever hate me more than he already did (he hated me when my ex and I were together, since we argued often and broke up the same), but I admit that I deserved a slap in the face after this display.

He walked to the front of the room where he threatened D's life and called him a lowlife to their mutual friends. D prepared to fight him, saying he'd wanted to for a while (the ex's brother is a jerk). I thought it was sexy, but it never happened though.

The rest of the weekend was filled with accusatory calls from the ex, text message threats ("You better not show up at the street fair, cocksucker") and an overall feeling of guilt within D and I. It put a damper on our weekend and possibly our relationship. It definitely prompted D to take anxiety pills. I followed in suit...

I guess this is to say that - all in all - our public debut went as well as could be expected.


bufflo said...

I'm glad the cat is out.

Just don't come looking for sympathy. (I know you're not.) It's kind of how I feel about the US-Iraq war. I don't necessarily disagree with what was done as a whole, but I have a problem with how it was handled, the pretenses, the circumstances.

Ben said...

Hehe...Buffalo just made a war part of an analogy describing you. Something tells me I have no idea what I've gotten myself into by becoming a regular reader.

Anyway, how positively childish. If you don't even recognize someone, you arent allowed to get pissed when you find out it's your brother's ex.

I understand I probably lost a fair amount of sex-appeal when I gave up fighting and became a pacifist. Thankfully, I married someone who values brains over brawn. The last time I was in a fight, I sent a guy to the hospital. It occured to me that perhaps, even accidentally, I can really hurt people. That was the last punch I threw.

That said, anyone who has read my "100 things about me" knows that if anyone threatens my wife or my kid, I'd kill them without thinking once about it. Other than that, I'm pretty gentle. :-)

Back to breakups, once it's over, why does anyone care? So it didn't work out. Maybe it will for your buddy. The point is it didn't work out with YOU. What, Gigi, did he expect you to remain celebate for the rest of your life? What is he, retarded or something?

Court Dog the Hog said...

I thought you and D were being stupid for hiding your relationship from the x (of many years ago)...gosh, guess not. What a psycho. Why do you think it put a damper on you and D? Hopefully not a perminate one. What are his feelings about the "blow up"?

Some people are way too damn possessive (yeah, I am one of them:).

bufflo said...

Ben, maybe you should go back and read some of the older posts regarding this.

Oh, and it's Bufflo, not Buffalo.

Gigi said...

No fighting!

I'm in love with both of you, now kiss me....

Paulina said...

I still don't understand why your ex is bothered about you and D dating. I mean for heaven's sake, shouldn't he want you to be happy?

The brother is immature. Do respect the family loyalty thing, but what he did was just completely over the top - smashing the glass on the bar, hello, how old are you?

I am totally on your side, Darling. Don't let them get to you (and D). They are not worth it.

bufflo said...

Paulina, the ex didn't know until this weekend. I can see how he should be expected to be happy for Gigi if she had just left him alone, but as some of us can remember that wasn't exactly the case. and

Now, this is all obviously in the past. I'm just saying that things have not been dealt with in a totally unselfish and good manner on Gigi's part. Not that that is to be expected of anyone really, not even someone who is cool in general -- it is, after all, life.

A Concerned Fan said...

What the hell did you do to the ex that would make him so volatile? This is not, is it? You know, the opposite of the beer bottle guy?

I say, no need in worrying about this at all. He's ancient history. Erase the number from the phone and call your congressman to say that he was saying unpatriotic things about Bush. Then that'll shut him up...

Ben said...

Hmmm...I got 3/4 of the way through the second link provided by 'bufflo' (I liked my name for you a lot'd really be offended if I stuck with that?) and ceased caring.

Gigi, would I be way out of line asking your age? If your in your mid-20s, then you might be making a rookie mistake. I'll fill you in:

1) When a woman breaks up with a guy, no matter what we say, we really aren't interested in being friends. We're too proud, and have way too much ego (fragile as it may be). ESPECIALLY if he is an aries (Taurus is close enough).

2) Wishing us a happy birthday is effectively kicking us in the nuts. If the sex was good, it reminds us we wont be getting any birthday sex or bj's from you. Unless it's *that* kind of ex, which clearly, you are not.

Any interest we have as being friends is under the misguided delusion that one day you'll want to be with us again.

That said, his brother still acted like an idiot. Did he want to pee on the bar to mark his territory while he was at it?

Ben said...

Was being lazy--checked the profile--26 years old. Maybe I provided some sage-like advice.

bufflo said...

'bufflo' (I liked my name for you a lot'd really be offended if I stuck with that?)

Nah. No sweat. I mean. you don't mind if I call you 'Ben McDumbfuck' do you? It's all good! :-D

Ben said...

Maybe I should change your new nickname to Buff-a-dick-alo. Nah...Buffalo is fine.

See the subtle line when jest crosses into the offensive?

In complete honesty, I prefer Ben McDumbFuck to my abhorrent 4th grade nickname, Ben McNugget.

Damn you, McDonalds! Damn you!

bufflo said...

What movie: "There is not a word or a sentence or a concept that you can illuminate for me."

Trust me Ben; there is nothing you can teach me about subtly, jest, or, least of all, offensiveness.

Ben said...

That would be Capote.

I agree, there is nothing I can teach you about subtly, as it is not my forte. You wouldn't want to learn anything from me as far as jest goes, since between 3 and 5 people on the planet understand my sense of humor.

In the realm of offensiveness though, there are niches where I am unmatched. We'd be an unstoppable force together, that is, if I didn't think you were such a turdburglar.

Just kidding...I don't think you're a turdburglar...pickle-farmer.

bufflo said...

Yeah, I guess Turdburglar and Ben McShitNugget would be an unstoppable force.