Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm Not Trying to Get Fired. Promise.

Perhaps the fly on the wall might disagree, but my idiocy of late is not intentional.

Cesar blames my stunts on me wanting to leave NYC for Chicago. He's pretty certain, in fact, that there's no way I'm not trying to get sacked.

"I mean, you've gotta cut that shit out. You're just trying to get fired so you have an excuse to go to Chicago earlier. Admit it." This was in response to me telling him that I just wrote an email to the office manager telling her that the diabla (my boss, of course) was leaving the office in an hour. Hallelujah.

Often I curse spell check, but today its ability to delay the sending of an email rescued me from getting canned (And I use the word 'rescue' very lightly here, of course -- like when one of my friends rescues me from talking to a hot guy. Gee, thanks...). As the spell checker was telling me that I had spelled diabla incorrectly (disable? doable? dipole?), I noticed that my boss's email address was in the 'To' line of the email:

Dear [my boss],

Only one more hour 'til your devil-ass leaves. Thank God.


I'd say that would most definitely afford me a one-way ticket to Chicago. If only that were my objective... And really, it's not.


non-creepy guy said...

i think this is gigi fighting with her secret identity. gigi was born out of events that her secret identity could not handle and would only come to the "rescue" when the lush would indulge in fine liquor. it now seems that gigi can emerge whenever her secret identity needs a kick in the ars. much like the werewolves who no longer need the sway of the moon.

Ben said...

Yeah, certain emails, you just cannot say "uhh, I was only kidding..."

By the way, arent people who identify themselves as 'non-creepy guy' a little creepy by default?

Also, sending that email is a little risky anyways Gigi--I hear 40% of all companies read through emails because they can.

Ben said...
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bufflo said...

Here's a tip. Write the email before you address it.