Friday, June 16, 2006

The Construction Worker Paradox

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Doorman: "Damn girl, you're looking fine today with that slit all up your skirt."

Me: "Thanks - but the damned construction workers outside are hassling me!"

Doorman: "They're hassling you? Or, you're hassling them? Depends on your perspective."

Me: "Oooohhhhhh..."


bufflo said...

Oh, he's right! Distraction, in the form of a hot ass, could mean one hand or foot less, in their line of work. Shame on you!

Ben said...

Just tell them if your skirt was any shorter, they'd be able to see your 'third leg.' They'll get back to work. Or maybe just curl up in a ball in a cold shower with all of their clothes on, crying for their mother.

bufflo said...

Oh, don't talk to GeeG about penises on chicks. It's a touchy subject. Hahaha!