Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Messin' with D

D: You need to move here now. That's an order.
Gigi: I'll think about it.
D: What - now you're thinking about not coming?
Gigi: I kinda like it here.
D: Ok.
Gigi: There's nothing for me in Chicago.
D: Ok.
Gigi: Well, I'll think about it.
D: Maybe you should just toss a coin.
Gigi: Ok.
Gigi: It's heads
D: What does heads mean?
Gigi: I don't know.

I told a friend about this conversation and he said he'd always thought it a no-no to move somewhere for a girlfriend or boyfriend. I told him that I'm not moving under any pretenses here; I'm not pretending I'm moving there for a love of the city or a chance to reconnect with old friends. Rather, D is the absolute only reason I'll be moving to Chicago... And, I'm very okay with that.


non-creepy guy said...

It will be a dark day in new york, indeed

Ben said...

My girlfriend moved from Boston to Pennsyltucky to be with me. I ended up marrying her. That said, we're likely the exception, not the rule.

How long have you two been together? We did the long distance thing for a year before she moved down--we'd just alternate flying/driving to each other for the weekend. That said, long distance relationships suck...bad.

Why can't his ass move from Chicago to NY? You are only a few hours from Boston, Philadelphia, and DC. He's only a few hours from, well, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Seems like a no-brainer to me, and shit, I'm a Bears fan.

Ben said...

(PS, neither of us could stand Pennsyltucky any more, so after college we moved back to Boston anyway...)

Gigi said...

He hates New York, I like Chicago. The only thing holding me here is a job while he has many things holding him there: family, property, life long friends.

I do love NYC though. However, I heard that the government "discovered" terrorists plans to plant cyanide in the subway system. Anyone hear about that? I feel like there wouldn't have to be much planning involved and thus, maybe the gov't is saying it to look like it's on its game.

Anyhow, that kinda makes me wanna get outta dodge and all that.

A Concerned Fan said...

With Chosen no longer in NYC, what's the point of living there?

Ben said...

Eh, I've got some mixed feelings on the matter. If you let the terrorists chase you out of New York, they won.

That said, if you aren't enamored with the city or the job, sometimes, a random leap of faith to another part of the world (the midwest, in this case) is a good thing.

Can he get Bears tickets? I'd visit if he can...not that you aren't great and all... :-)

In Penury Parvenu said...

I despise Chicago. It's a maudlin town...oh don't get me started on Chicago...makes my eyeball hurt.

bufflo said...

Ben, you don't live in Boston, you live in fucking Marblehead.