Thursday, August 10, 2006

El Diablo Rides La Rumba Express Over the Hill.

I meant to mention it earlier, but I had a surprisingly pleasant run-in with El Diablo in Times Square a few weeks back. In summary, both of us grinned, nodded and pretended that we didn’t hate one another. With acting skills like these, I’d say that it was more than coincidental that we met up on Broadway.

I haven’t seen him since, but I won’t lie and tell you that I haven’t been keeping up on his life slash pending break up through various mutual sources. The break up process went as I assumed it would: She tried. He cried. They’re attempting to work things out. Oddly, I kind of feel sorry for the poor bastard now that I don’t have to share a chest hair-infested shower with him.

Anyway, his thirtieth birthday is coming up next month (as an aside, he's been referring to himself as '30' for about a year now so as to seem mature and wise) and I received the following invite yesterday. I can’t decide if this is the coolest thing ever or the lamest thing ever. I’m leaning towards the latter due the company involved, but am willing to change my opinion if the invite list is edited just a bit:

Hey guys,

So the Diablo’s B-day is coming (Sept 9) and I promised him last year that we would rent La Rumba Express (Colombian chiva bus) for him so I think we should all get together and take him out for a good time he has been through a lot this year so he deserves a good time. So lets keep this a surprise for now and send this to anyone I forgot to add. The website for this exciting little bus is I'll keep you guys posted for dates and times that we will be embarking on
this little excursion!

peace out

You see, being on the Columbian Chiva bus (whatever that is) would be cool if the people on it with you were not completely impressed with the fact that they are doing something overtly stupid, yet “original.” I’d say the whole thing is equivalent to wearing a car mechanic shirt that says someone else’s name on it, i.e. your name is John, but your shirt says Bob! Duh.

Shoot me now.

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A Concerned Fan said...

Did La Rumba once before. Awesome time was had by all. Seriously, it's a genuinely rumba-rific experience.