Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My New Hat

I'm a trendsetter... What can I say?

Email mess-ups are the best. You have a paper trail and hard evidence to boot...

One of my clients sent me an image the other day. I wrote back and told her I couldn’t use it; that I needed a jpg file for our purposes. Please send me a new file.

Clearly she had to ask someone else at her company for the image, because I got an email from one of her colleagues with the new file.

I scrolled down his email (quite frankly, because I’m nosy) and saw what she had written to him:

Looks like the Pope lost his hat.”

This is how she had introduced my email, which she had forwarded to her art director.

I had never heard that phrase, but it didn’t take me too long to figure out it’s meaning. The pope’s hat looks like a dunce cap! She was calling me a dunce!

Oh how I wanted to write her back and let her know that it was actually her fault, not mine. Or, at least question her as to the appropriateness of her email? You know—patronize her a little bit:

Now, Lisa (or, whatever her name was), do you really think this is necessary? And by the way, you’re an idiot. Have a nice day.”

I told a girl at my office about it and she told me about a time when she wrote to her client, calling said client a “fucking bitch.” She actually meant to say this to one of our colleagues, to whom she had intended on forwarding the message. Clearly she had pressed “Reply” in "Forward's" place.

I can agree with that though. There’s a huge difference between being a bitch and a dunce. If someone called me a bitch, I’d totally understand. But a dunce? Sorry, no cigar, honey.


Kate said...

Dude, you should totally do it. Or say something like, "Excuse me, but I'm catholic, and I find such comments to be offensive. You might want to check and see whose fucking fault it is before you slur the leader of my religion, you fucking cum dumpster."

Actually, saying "fuck" twice might be unprofessional.

Paulina said...

Honey, the metaphor of "Pope having lost his hat" for a dunce does not make sense.

Monks shaved their heads in order to be more enlightened by His Divine Wisdom. Surely, the pope without his tall hat will give him greater access to God, hence make him a wiser man?

Perhaps you should congratulate yourself on having been compared to His Holiness.

That bitch is so going to hell.

Gigi said...

You guys are both my new bestfriends. I totally think using 'fuck' twice is just as professional as calling me a dunce. I might get fired, but it's for the cause, man.

Aren't we all on a mission to rid the world of ignorant people? I should totally start with her.

Paulina, you're just totally brilliant by the way.

Slinky Redfoot said...

Id hate to be on GG's bad side. Or maybe it's more fun??

Gigi said...

Bring it, Slinkers!

K said...

She IS a bitch, if only for the fact that she is using a weird, antiquated grandpa phrase and is dumb enough to let you see it. What was she thinking?

team gingerbread said...

Dude, that's happened to me, except I was on the other end of the email gaffe.

We had a tv spot for this sorority clothing drive last year, and I wrote to the producer of the show (a friend of mine) asking her to proof the script for our social chair because she's a buffoon.

She ended up finding it because it was at the bottom of one of our many missives about the show as we were emailing back and forth quite a bit.

The funny thing is that she had to look up the word before she realized that she should be angry about it

bufflo said...

I didn't read the post, but you wear many hats.