Friday, August 18, 2006

Perpetuation of Stereotypes or Office Comedy?

I’m not going to go too far into this, but thought something needed to be said.

Since he launched his site a month ago, Not Chosen, Just Posin’ has provided me with a few good laughs (a rare commodity found on only a few blogs). In a nutshell, he’s a Catholic guy who works at a Jewish Magazine. They think he’s Jewish. He’s obviously not.

His adventures revolve around tasting lox for the first time, discovering what a briss is and despising a girl he calls “SuperJew” (she having referred to herself as such initially).

Gawker linked to a hilarious post he did yesterday called the “Jap Workout.” It’s essentially an innocent (I think) parody of the stereotype surrounding Jewish girls.

I’ve been going back and forth from his comment board and the comments seem downright ignorant and accusatory. Comparisons to Mel Gibson and the like. You’ve got to be kidding me? Are people really taking this seriously? Am I just way too liberal? I, for one, think it’s hilarious despite having a Jewish boyfriend and mom.

Anyway, just wanted to add my two cents in support of the crazy chotch. Any thoughts?

(Sheesh, giving attention to someone else can be downirght painful. Back to me...)


T. said...

Holy crap, that Jap workout is right on the money. I think I should do a companion piece called the Brooklyn Black Chick workout, which has its own quirks.

Gigi said...

Yes, Brookly Black Chick workout! Between Not Chosen, you and I we can exploit every stereotype known to man...

Somewhat like a McDonald's commercial, now that I come to think about it.

Not Chosen said...

Sorry I didn't make it here sooner to commend you on your efforts.

I was disturbed by some of the comments at first, but I ultimately figured that there is no way these people could actually be seriuos. Or, could they?

I refuse to believe such a high level of "pathetic" exists.

Love your post and continual props!