Friday, August 11, 2006

A Compliment, But Then Again, Not

Not me: I wish I were like you, Gigi
Me: You’re human. That’s normal.
Not me: No really.
Me: Why?
Not me: Because you write every day, even if it’s not that good. I can’t put it out there unless it’s really good.
Me: What are you talking about? My writing’s always good.
Not me: Ha ha.


bufflo said...

I'm sure that person really digs your writing. I mean, who couldn't?

T. said...

Ouch. Some compliments are better off unsaid!

Paulina said...

The best compliment ever: "Have you had plastic surgery?"

Honey G I am back. Missed you.

A Concerned Fan said...

Just like masturbation, writing takes a lot of practice, is best when done alone (although a partner can be nice from time to time), and you often feel guilty when you're done.

not that I would know or anything

bufflo said...

See that's the thing, when it's really great, really really great, there's no guilt. That's the hallmark of excellence to look for.

Ben said...

I think a better response would have been, "what are you talking about? Your writing is never good..."