Monday, July 10, 2006

The (Burger) King of My World

Yesterday I was walking down the street with the Skeeze, saying something or another about D and the Skeeze felt that, yes, this was the appropriate time he let me know that:

Skeeze: "D kinda looks like the king from the Burger King commercials."
Me: "Yeah, I guess he kinda does."

To my chagrin, I walked in to the office this morning to see who, but the Burger King king smiling up at me from the cover of AdAge. I think you know where this is going... A game of:

Guess that Burger King king!
Here are your options. One is D and the other one is a King who looks like D. Choose the real Burger King king and you win nothing. Simple enough? Good!

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So yeah, now that I'm single...


Chad said...

That's a brilliant photo-shop job! Almost couldn't tell. We all know he's the one on the left though ;) It's obvious. The other guy is too tan.

Ben said...

He does look creepily like the King. When I saw the commmercials of people literally waking up with the King, I wondered how fast I would hit him with a lamp.

Hopefully D doesnt think that would be a funny joke one morning,