Thursday, October 12, 2006

I've Been Had!

Now, I'm not one to complain when a meeting is cancelled, but just tell me the truth. No need to make up exotic diseases:

"Hate to do this to you but things aren't looking to good at home - My wife's arthritis has now kicked off and she can hardly walk let alone pick up our son (its not the old person type but some Finnish strain)."

That damned Finnish arthritis gets ya every time!


marie lyn bernard said...

Personally...I do have an arthritis-esque condition that no one has actually heard of so it's a little complicated to explain...l could imagine using "a finnish strain" to avoid a more complicated diatribe...

Chad said...

What ever happened to "My wife's not feeling well." or "...have to take the dog to the vet."

"...the in-laws are dropping by for a visit."

Flagrant details smell of well thought out stories. Like, "Sorry, Gee-gee, I can't make it to diner tonight because Mary's umbrella sprung a few wild wires. She'll have problems delivering the kid's medicine and she's down to her last two spoon-fulls of sugar. If I don't get that thing working for her the kid's arthritis will start kicking. ...Some type of Norwegian strain. Crazy, I know. Sorry.

Thomas said...

Though I doubt there's a specific Finnish strain, your picture is of a Google image search (first mistake), and even with safe search turned on, some pictures do show up. Doctoring images are we? And not even done well. Sad.

Gigi said...

Die, Thomas.