Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bitter Much?

As you know, the diablo is very upset lately because his girlfriend recently broke up with him [on account of him treating her like shit for half of their relationship]. Now he has resorted to pestering me about the situation over IM when I'm "working."

I do have to give him credit though. He's been turnin' on the creativity to spin a topic that hasn't been updated for over a month now.

Him: The Skeeze's jacket's over here. Does he want it?
Me: No, he says to give it to goodwill.
Him: Or I could send it to [redacted] to warm her ice cold heart.

Me: I'm buying tickets to Brazil right now.
Him: Bring me home a girlfriend when you come back.
Me: They're cute but they're super jealous.
Him: At least they tell the truth about things.

Him: I wrote her and asked her if she was with anyone else when we were dating. She didn't write back.
Me: Well, she did say she didn't want to talk for a month, right?
Him: I wrote her back and told her that I'll just assume I need to go to the clinic.

Him: How's your cousin doing lately?
Me: I haven't seen her, she's been working late.
Him: Probably going on double dates with [redacted] and her new boyfriend.

There was also some stuff about him having an epiphany: "I'm smart, I have a good job, I dress pretty well, and I'm not a cold-hearted, dishonest, pretentious..."



angelina said...

I must tell you that your diablo stories are like little sparkling gems studding the blogosphere.


Gigi said...

"sparkling gems studding the blogosphere..."

Angelina, you truly have a way with words. I couldn't have said it better myself.

But really, the diablo does provide me with some decent content. To think, I'm supposed to meet with him this weekend to discuss a book he wants to write. This is funny on two accounts:

1) He's writing a book. Ain't that some shit?

2) He's asking me for advice. I'm totally a reject in the book publishing world.

On that note, stay tuned!

team gingerbread said...

angelinas right the diablo sotries are truly the best