Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It Wasn't Me...Unfortunately.

The Skeeze just alerted me to a wonderful article in today's Metro about a girl who stabbed some annoying guy who was hitting on her and her friends. I must say, this is a great day for all Manhattan women who have to endure this harassment on a daily basis. I just want to make sure that no one thinks it was me. Although this is something that I highly advocate, I was not fortunate enough to attack him.

The "victim," or the guy who got stabbed, says that he was standing outside a movie theater, saw the girls walk by, said "Hi" and "How are you doing?"

The stabber lady, on the other hand, said he grabbed her arm and spat on one of her friends.

Either way, he totally deserved it. Even if he did just ask how they were doing, he probably stands outside of the movie theater and reenacts the move several times daily. As far as I'm concerned, if you don't add anything to society (and even further, you detract from it) then I say off with your head.

The bad news is that my hero, the stabber lady, was arraigned on a charge of attempted murder. The "victim" says that the woman and her friends were lesbians and the incident was "a hate crime against a straight man." All I want to know is why he was hitting on lesbians in hopes of a positive response? Idiot.

In other annoying, loud-mouthed street urchin news, I've discovered that wearing an iPod on my way to work is the perfect way to tune them out. In fact, it's hilarious to watch these guys dance around in front of you in order to get your attention, without having the matching soundtrack that goes with their jig ("Hey Sexy" "You're gorgeous" "How you doin'?"). Instead, I hear the Pixies singing Bone Machine as some dirty parking lot attendant is nodding his head with satisfaction, drooling from the mouth, and shaking his pelvis. That is so not the dance that goes with this song, dude. Now if you'll excuse me, it's 8:30 in the morning and I'm trying to get to work...


team gingerbread said...

Ugh, I pretty much felt the same way when I first posted about the article.

Unfortunately my archives are still in limbo until my ghetti internet sitch at my new place is resolved.

The funniest comment I got in response was from a supposed 'New Yorker' who told me in no uncertain terms, that I jsut didn't understand because 'I wasn't from here' and that the women were probably asking for it.

I tacitly responded that while I may not be a New York resident, street harrassers aren't a New York exclusive and that I had in fact, been to NY on several occasions, so I was somewhat familiar with the lay of the land.

Just because I live in the asshole of Western Canada, doesn't make mew an uncultured slob

(Oh, and how did you associate your old blogger account with the new blogger beta action, the system doesn't seem to want to let me.)

Gigi said...

You posted about it?! I hate you.

I agree with you a hundred percent. Horny guys lining the street, gawking -- that's one of the few things that I hate about NYC.

As for beta blogger, you have to sign in with your email address rather than your old user name. Is that what you're looking for?

team gingerbread said...

I figured out how to do it. I'm functionally retarded when it comes to technology sometimes

Chad said...

So much hate! I won't stand for it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy saying "Hi." or "How are you doing?".

How was he supposed to know that they were angry lesbians until after they jumped his ass and shanked him. I think he is absolutely the victim in this situation and hope the aggressive man hater get's a couple of years!

I feel for all the women that have to walk to work and have a vulgar fat guy with an orange reflective vest jump up from his work and whistle obnoxiously or hollar some crappy catch phrase that is about as effective as honking your horn at a girl as you drive by at 60 miles an hours BUT where is the indecency in a normal civilized guy crossing your path, making eye contact, offering a warm smile and greeting you or asking you how you are doing?

You don't have to go into your life story. You don't even really have to tell the truth. Hell, half the times the question can be just as easily answered with the same: "How are you?"

"How are you."

If no guy ever stepped out of his own little bubble and offered a kind gesture to a girl than the world would steadily dwindle in population.

Now that's a hell of a burden on your shoulders!

...besides: The day that any of you girls didn't get "complimented" (whether catty or not) would be a day in hell for your boyfriends. We can only assure you that you are indeed beautiful and not fat 784 times before we opt to smash our heads in the wall as opposed to answer the next ridiculous question.

Just the perception of a guy though. ...throwin' it out there.

How are you? You look nice today.

Gigi said...

Oh my goodness, Chad! You are so that guy!

All I have to say is this: What works in Puerto Rico doesn't necessarily work in NYC. When in Rome...

It is annoying, but would be less annoying if the bastards in question would also harass every guy who walked by. "You look nice today." At that point, I'd figure he was a nice guy and say, "thanks."

Otherwise, I just ignore them. Girls who are attracted to this shit are...well, you know, a bit desperate.

Chad said...

Why would you hit on a guy? That's absolute nonsense.

...Just know though: For every one of "you girls", there's another 5 that will smile back.

You want to discourage a guy next time? Give him a raw answer. "How are you?"

"My hemorrhoids are killing me! How are you, though?"