Monday, October 02, 2006

American Airlines =

The Great Big Pinto in the Sky.
I'm back from Chicago, where I spent the last few days at my best friend's wedding. I have plenty to blab about, but I'm so busy. Last night marked my three weekend traveling stint. I can't wait to lounge on my couch this month and do nothing...which won't happen, but wishful thinking...
A few notes:
1). I promise to post regularly this week (and again today if I'm lucky).
2) American Airlines (pictured above) consistently sucks it up and has never once been on time. The planes are offensively dirty (due, probably, to the fact that their crew is rushing to leave after making passengers wait 2 extra hours to board the plane). The airline attendants are the industry's rudest and somehow the airline attracts crying babies who I am always lucky enough to sit right next to. Never should it take 6 hours to travel from NYC to Chicago. It's a 1 hour and 36 minute flight, but on American? 6-7 hours minimum. Always.
3) Delta Airlines, on the other hand... now that is an airline. Not only are they rarely delayed, but they hire defunct celebrities. On my way to Miami two weekends ago, Angela from Who's the Boss handed me my pretzels and the redhead from the Partridge Family was the pilot. Who would've known?

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