Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I am so depressed...

...that I can't even focus right now.

I had a book agent contact me about something I had written. He wanted to turn it into a book. I made an appointment with him last week, so while this weekend was supposed to consist of me expressing joy for my bestfriend who got married, it was instead filled with me imagining myself as a successful author who can work out of her house (which is in Italy, and sometimes Brazil).

This was only amplified when another friend told me that he had heard good things about the agent and that the agency was on of New York's best.

Long story short, I went in today to talk to him about it and once I told him the background of what I was doing, he was not thoroughly excited. By "not thoroughly excited," I mean pretty much not interested, but he'll read my proposal. I'm pretty sure his promise to read my proposal is equivalent to a prospective employer saying, "we'll keep your resume on file."

I always hate when they say that.


angelina said...


next time...or try another agent! aren't there, like, a billion of them in the city?

marie lyn bernard said...

what kind of thing are you working on? if you want to email me, (marielyn176@gmail.com), you can--i know this sounds lame, but i have a great agent and I worked at a literary agency and know some agents at other agencies-- though there aren't very many things I can ever say this about (besides, well, this, and maybe "where to find a public restroom in nyc")--I can get you in the door? (i keep trying to re-word this to not sound like a douche--i mean--sorry--fuckwad--but it's hopeless. just email me if you want to talk about agents and I can probably help you at least get a look.)

Gigi said...

I agree, Angelina. Balls!

But a good way to lose weight... The temporary trauma diet is almost as effective as breaking up with a boyfriend. A guaranteed 5 pounds. 10 if he cheats.

Marie Lyn: I just emailed you...thanks!