Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why Customer Service Employees Are So Rude…

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Why yes - I did do this image myself. How'd you guess?

While I’m certainly not an advocate of rude employees—especially in the morning—I can understand why enduring redundant stupidity might make an eight dollar an hour employee cranky. For example, here's what the guy working at my corner deli this morning had to listen to:

Lady in front of me: I’ll have a sesame bagel toasted with lox cream cheese
Me: I’ll have a wheat toasted with lox cream cheese.

Two minutes later. My bagel’s ready. Her bagel is not.

Lady in front of me: How is hers done before mine? I ordered my cinnamon bagel with cream cheese before her.

I grabbed mine and started walking out—because, really, why is she bringing me into this?

Lady in front of me: (As I walked out) You guys are a mess this morning. I ordered a multi-grain bagel with cream cheese before her and hers came out first. What does it take to get a toasted raisin bagel with cream cheese?

I don't know how he replied, but I would have aplogized (because the "customer is always right"), saying, "Sorry lady, but all of your personalities can’t eat for the price of one."

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