Friday, September 22, 2006

All Warm & Fuzzy Inside...

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My sister, Rachel, who lives in San Diego, walked into a restaurant the other day to talk to the owner about something or other (Rachel's a chef). Upon introducing herself, the owner said, "Rachel ____? Are you related to Gigi ____?"

"Yes, she's my sister."

"Gigi, the editor of numberII magazine?"

"Well, she was."

"That was the funniest magazine I've ever read."

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Now, I'm not good about taking compliments (just kidding) but this lady must have really good taste.

It's kind of cool when you dedicate 14 hour days for 2 years to a project and you actually get a bit of recognition. Granted, I got a decent amount when I was doing it, but I was too tired to notice it. A year after the fact, though - I must have made a serious impression. My wit, my charm, my sense of humor, my humility.

As D would say, I am a Z list celebrity. This incident totally confirms the fact. Yayy me!


Chad said...

...confirms the fact that your initial aspirations of producing a leading magazine should not be forgotten. What is the mission statement Ms. Gigi? Where is the plan of taking over the world, er, entertainment?

What will it take to make the next magazine? I think the potential readers deserve it.

The Assimilated Negro said...

I'm intrigued ... show me more of this #11. and where'd that name come from?

holla at ya boy

The Assimilated Negro said...

oh, and how's the beta?

Gigi said...

I'll give you an issue next time I see ya, darlin'.

Beta's the same to me...except that I can actually load pictures now and when I press publish, it publishes. Novel, eh?