Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Motto: "All Class, All of the Time."

It takes a real woman to reveal what I am about to here (in which I give myself a compliment before himiliating myself just the same):

skeeze: Whats going on little poopoo
gigi: was in the bathroom
gigi: got some on my finger
gigi: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
skeeze: classy
gigi: what can i say? i'm a classy broad

gigi: my bowels are sensitive today
skeeze: oh good
gigi: what a nightmare
gigi: it would be nice if i were at my house
gigi: but the Lysol in the public bathroom just isn't cutting it
skeeze: i on the other hand
skeeze: had a clean experience
skeeze: no paper needed
gigi: you would brag


Anonymous said...

How would you ever know that paper wasn't needed w/o using paper to check. There are always those last little poop berries that stick around waiting for the Charmin...right?


Chad said...

I'm with Skeeze. Sometimes you just know. Of course, I've never grown the balls to go without the test wipe but then it's still %98 less toilet paper than you would use on a regular. Plus, after that, you definitely know/knew that you didn't need any paper.

Maybe that was the actual course of events. >>Wipe<< "Hmmmm... I didn't need any paper."

Gigi said...

Chad, you have a very valid point here. It was probably an after thought...

Chad said...

Just throwing it out there...