Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Running for President!

Yes, this is me (and the odd little clown face that follows me around)

President of my company's building that is. You see, every morning I am forced to wait for the incompetent elevator to mozy its way down to ground level. I'm on the third floor. I would love to just use the stairs. Problem is the doorman will not let anyone use the stairs to go up, only to go down (escape, so to speak). Something about the messengers coming up and stealing stuff. I don't buy it.

Anyhow, after waiting for the elevator a few minutes too many this morning, I starting spreading my propaganda to my co-elevator riders. ("What great exercise we're missing out on!") The elevator was full of, "Yes" "Yeahs" and "Yayys." I had really struck a chord; let these people know that, no, they are not the only ones who feel this way about the building politics. "But the owners..." they countered. "It's majority rule," I informed them.

The lady whose office is on the second floor was, by far, the most spirited and excited about my political agenda. As I left the elevator, I asked my audience, "So are you going to vote for me?" Of course, they all answered in the affirmative. My colleague and I walked off the elevator and she declared that I was her hero.

"As any president should be..." I replied.


Anonymous said...

Um, I think I know why you get so much undesired attention from construction workers. Do you realize that you're insanely sexy?

bufflo said...

That's not her, you anonymous fool! But if it was, the bottom of the picture would indeed be cut off, because she just stepped in shit.

Ben said...

Jesus, I'd vote for you. Any chance you'll show up at my place wearing that (or less) on my birthday?

Gigi said...

You guys do know that's not really me, right?

I mean, I definitely own that outfit, but it's not me. Sorry to disappoint.

A Concerned Fan said...

I own that outfit too. Manboobs are sexy.