Sunday, February 19, 2006

When Armageddon comes....

I was talking to D the other day and he informed me that when Armageddon comes, I will be saved.

"Geez, now I feel safe from harm's way. Thanks for the heads up."

The conversation started when I was telling him that Brian's once-nickname, "Chosen," had since evolved to become his official name. Brian and D are both Jewish. I'm Jewish on my mom's side, but have never practiced, which to me means I'm not Jewish. Evidently this isn't the general consensus amongst my Jewish friends. And, it certainly isn't important to D. Although when I tell people I'm Puertorican, D is quick to follow with "Jewish Puertorican." I think it's cute.

D was pleased with Brian's new name and reconfirmed Chosen's status as one of the Chosen.

"Well, yeah, that's kind of what I just said," I told D.

Then D told me that I too was one of the Chosen people and followed with the Armageddon thing.

I've never heard him talk much about his beliefs, but I'm glad he's into them. I mean, I guess. I'm not religious, but I very much respect religion. I just hate people. It is usually a religion's people that turn me off of it. How they represent it, etc...

And all of this is to say, was D for real? About the Armageddon thing? Hmmmm....

I'll take it as a compliment. After all, I guess that someone saying that I'm going to be saved from global ruin is better than someone telling me I look nice tonight, did I do something different with my hair?