Friday, February 17, 2006

Rosen-the-Chosen calls me a bitch (and more!)

The background on this one is short. I asked Brian Rosen-the-Chosen (from here on out, "Chosen") if he was free this weekend and he wrote back that he was, but I must've overlooked it. I asked him again and this is what he said:

Chosen: "Already said I was free this weekend. You deaf or something, bitch?"

[Editor's note: This conversation took place over email, so him asking me if I'm deaf is, like, so irrelevant.]

Since this mode of speech is about par for the course with Chosen, I failed to mention the bitch comment in my next email, but still he bantered. He was very proud of his hardcore persona and wanted to make sure I noticed that he had indeed called me a bitch.

Chosen: "And my availability was clearly stated in my prior e-mail. Right
before I made a Kobe rape joke...again....for the 100th time. Like
shooting fish in a barrel.

"Oh yeah, did I call you a bitch? Sorry! I must have spelled it wrong. Cunt.
Okay, that's better."

I think I must have laughed at this one (and a laugh over email is something like this: hahahahhahahaah. Well, for me, at least). So, Chosen ended the day's emails with the following.

Chosen: "I can't believe I used the C word. tee hee.

Still, I gave him no credit. Mostly because I knew he was trying to employ the whole shock factor theory, and I didn't want to give him that kind of satisfaction. Obviously still bothered by my aloofness about the whole thing, I received one final bitch/cunt reference from him a day later.

Chosen: "Oh...I guess now that you have a blog I should be careful what I say as EVERYTHING ends up on there!!! This quote probably will too. :) Although our bitch/cunt exchange didn't make the page. Sigh."

To this I wrote back: "One bitch/cunt entry coming up!"

And that, my friends, is this...and the end of my series of email-based entries. But, not really. Sadly, email is my life. Sigh...