Sunday, February 12, 2006

Denial Letters from Competing Mags...

The following are denial letters that Brian Rosen and I received from MAD magazine and CRACKED magazine, respectively. CRACKED dubs itself "MAD's competitor." The number 2 man must make reference to number 1 in order to gain proper recognition. Just like Chicago and Boston compare themselves to New York City, while New York City never thinks twice about its lesser counterparts.

Anyway, these letters are further proof that MAD is still the reigning champ. And that Brian Rosen and I need an in!

Letter 1*

Dear Friend,

Unlike many cold, callous editors, we at MAD believe that anyone takingthe time and trouble to submit material deserves a warm, personal noterather than a cold, indifferent e-mail. So, please consider this to be awarm, personal note rather than the cold, indifferent e-mail it actuallyis!We want you to know that we appreciate your taking the time to think ofus and send your comic brainstorms (yeah, right!) our way. Because ofthe overwhelming number of submissions we receive, we cannot respond toall those who submit material, even geniuses such as yourself.If you've tickled our funny bone and we are interested in having youdevelop what you've sent, you'll hear from us.Thanks for sharing your twisted comedic musings with us.

MAD-ly yours,
The Editors

Letter 2**

Thank you for your recent submission to CRACKED.Unfortunately, after careful review by our print and online editors, we donot think that the piece fits our current needs.Again, we greatly appreciate your interest in CRACKED and wish you the bestof luck.

The CRACKED Editorial Team

*From MAD to GiGi
**From CRACKED to Brian