Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When You Bitch About Valentine's Day it Just Reminds Everyone of Why You Don't Have a Boyfriend in the First Place. Seriously, Shut Up.

The end.
Just kidding. I was going to use my Valentine's Day post to discuss how unromantic Dave is until I realized that no other boyfriend in the world would watch The Real Orange County Housewives just so he can report on it to his girlfriend.* (I go to bed way too early to watch it on my own).

By the way, I have no feelings either way about Valentine's Day. I could live with it; without it. I do, however, have a problem with people who spend the whole day bitching about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend. Shut up already.

Dave: i dvr'd city of god for u
GiGi: what is that?
Dave: a movie about Brazil
Gigi: Ohh, that one we were talking about?
Dave: yes
Gigi: you are too good
Dave: i know
Dave: very juicey housewives last night
Gigi: really? Tell me!
Dave: yes

Gigi: Babe, tell me about housewives!
Dave: i can't
Gigi: tell me!
Dave: don't want to ruin it for u
Gigi: babbbeeee! i won't see it for a month!
Dave: Fine, slade's ugly girlfriend went out without him for her b'day
Dave: he went out with some friends and some girls
Gigi: uh oh. I hate her
Gigi: so she's moving to beverly hills?
Dave: she's ugly and an idot
Gigi: yes
Dave: they didn't bring bev hills up
Gigi: I would never go out without you on my bday
Dave: i know u won't
Dave: i wouldn't allow it
Dave: i would beat u and lock u in the basement or closet
Gigi: oohhh, that's sexy
Dave: good

*Okay, okay. He watches it because he loves it.


DCchick1 said...

i LOVE that show!!

Seriously. Slade is a huge ass too. But I really don't like her!

Gigi said...

You have a point, but it's just so easy to hate that chick

Ben said...

The only thing I can think of worse than watching that show is reading a 3rd hand recap of it. What the hell else am I supposed to do at 6:15 in the morning when the baby wont sleep though?

My wife reminded me the other day about the time I bought her all the available Sex in the City's for xmas. I remember telling the clerk that's how I knew I really loved her.

Clerk: "Why, because you're dropping like $300 on her at christmas?"

Me: "No, dumbass, because I'm going to have to watch thousands of minutes of visual garbage with her. It's like paying for pain.

Clerk: "True."

I suppose since I ended up marrying her (and...shhhh....even liking the series a little) it all worked out.

DCchick1 said...

gigi, did you watch the birthday episode??

She's such a bitch.

Gigi said...

No, but I'm dying to see it. I'll probably see it in another 2 weeks when I go to Chicago, since Dave DVR's it for me. I usually reserve Saturday's in Chicago for a marathon. As you can imagine, Dave is very excited about this. Hee hee.

shirley said...

Hee! Somehow I think your recap of that show is better than watching it. Those people's faces make me cringe.