Monday, February 26, 2007

Dave and Me sitting in a tree...

I don’t feel especially funny or interesting right now. Mostly because I slept in my clothes at my cousin’s apartment last night and I’m still wearing them now as I sit at my desk pretending to be working. My boss just reminded me that my one year anniversary is coming up. I reminded her that this benchmark actually occurred last month. Now I have to go to lunch with her. Lunch with the boss = interrogation. Hopefully this interrogation will come with a raise, considering I’m obviously taking my sweet time with the job search.

As for Dave and I…we’re back together. Thanks for all the emails and stuff, my dears. You are way too kind.

I didn’t want to slam Dave too hard on the blog in our “time of grief,” and the story wasn’t that interesting anyway (Okay, yes it was!). For a minute, I resolved to make a list of the top ten things I would do in New York City now that I'm single. According to this ploy, the list would start and end with "humping boys." Many, many boys. I thought about turning this blog into a dating site and detailing my adventures for all to see (read: for Dave to see. Ha!). I'm glad I decided against this, however. Dave doesn't deserve it (what he does deserve is the special little song I made up in honor of the event at hand. Remind me to tell you about it).

My theory on Dave is that I can forgive him for anything but cheating (This is assuming he continues his track record of not beating my ass). So, seeing as how he didn’t cheat, I forgave him. According to my blackmail, err, forgiveness, however, he will be moving to New York now instead of me to moving to Chicago. I’ve started referring to Chicago as a “starter city.” It really is. Now, if Dave gets accepted into the MBA program he applied for—that’s the only way he’ll stay. He should know in two weeks. I think I’ll stay here either way though. The long distance thing is really starting to bug the hell out of me, but Chicago’s got nothing on New York and I’m way too young to retire.


Anonymous said...

Rule #1: Don't talk shit on your sisters or bestfriends boyfriend right after they break up (even if it is only to make her feel better), becasue they always get back together.

Damn...I should really follow my own rules!


Gigi said...

She - What are break-ups good for if you can't make fun of the ex boyfriend? You really need to hear the song I made up. It is sooo wrong!

I'll have to tell the whole back story about the break up, but it might just be worth it. Fine, tomorrow it is.

Chad said...

I hate one year anniversaries!

Weird and peculiar shit happens right around that time.

I'm glad to hear that both parties have returned to the negotiating table. Press forward for the sake of all! Humanity wants to believe that 12 months of good things is supposed to mean something!

Anonymous said...

He's a low-down-dirty-skunk. Get as far away from him as you can. I have alway found that if I get in the middle of the conflict all gun barrels shift to me thereby the combatants join forces.