Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Your Computer Isn't Worth $2,000 and This is How I Know:

A bargain at...

  • It weighs 600 pounds

  • It's width/height are equivalent to a yellow/white pages combo, although its storage space pales in comparison

  • Norton Antivirus: Go Away!

  • The newest, "hi-tech" accompanying software is a MS Office 2000 c.d.

  • "And here's this little card you put in the side if you want to go wireless"
A 1953 PC that you purchased for the bargain price of $2000 when the baby boom was at its prime--sucker--is not still worth, ummm, $2,000. Please resist all further sales pitches in my presence.


marie lyn bernard said...

Norton Anti-Virus is maddening. For that reason alone, I cannot handle PCs.

Gigi said...

Marie, You are my savior. I can count on you to leave a comment on my half-assed posts because no one else cares about me anymore. Tears.

On the other hand, I love how Norton anti-virus works the same way as spam. It's obnoxious.